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Benefit of dealing with Amida Trading

  1. Customer care

    If you have any question,we are available any time to answer via telephone,fax,and E-mail.

  2. Quality of vehicles

    Experienced staff attend car auctions to collect quality vehicles.

  3. Quantity of vehicles

    We have access to wider market to fulfill your needs.

  4. Variety of also vehicles

    We can also deal constructive heavy equipments and other vehicles.

  5. Inspection

    Before purchasing, we inspect your vehicles with scrupulous care.

  6. Faster shipping

    Efficiency is as important as quality of vehicles. We maintain relationship with ports in Japan.

  7. Auto parts support service

    We have deep knowledge of parts of vehicles,and of course, we can arrange to meet your requests.

Amida Trading Co., Ltd.
2-18-5 iwado-minami,
komae,Tokyo 201-0005,JAPAN

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