Amida Trading Co., Ltd.

Amida Trading.,Co Ltd
  1. Choose your vehicle(machinery)

    Select the vehicle you wish to purchase from our stock list. If you can not find what you're looking for, please contact us from Enquiry.

  2. Order your vehicle(machinery)

    Place your order by sending us the stock number of the vehicle you are interested in. You can submit the number either by online order form, email, or FAX.

  3. Receive proforma invoice

    As soon as we recieve your order, we will email you the proforma invoice. Print it out, sign it, and send back to us by fax. upon receiving the signed proforma invoice, we will reserve the vehicle, confirm your order and inform you.

  4. Arrange your payment

    Please arrange your payment by Telegraphic Transfer(T/T) within 3 days.

  5. Shipping arrangement

    After we confirm the receipt of your payment, we will ship your purchased vehicle(machinery).

  6. Recieve documents

    After the ship leaves Japan, we will send you the original B/L and other documents by courier.

  7. Delivery of vehicle(machinery)

    Pick up your vehicle(machinery) at your port. Make sure you bring with you all the necessary documents.

Amida Trading Co., Ltd.
2-18-5 iwado-minami,
komae,Tokyo 201-0005,JAPAN

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